Healthy Horses In Arizona

Many people think that due to the hot environment in Arizona that healthy, strong horses can be hard to come by when in fact the opposite can prove to be true. Just like humans, horses need to be kept healthy. Keeping horses healthy will prevent them from getting sick. Consider for example, vet examinations. It is important that horses get an annual checkup from a vet. This should be done at least once a year. Even though the horse may appear to be healthy, a vet will be able to see if there are any problems that you may not have noticed before.

It is also important that all of your horses get vaccinated. Vaccinations will prevent your horse from getting some of the most common diseases known to horses such as the West Nile Virus. Equine encephalomyelitis, tetanus, influenza, or rhinopneumonitis. Of course you will find that vaccinations may vary from country to country and may also depend on the circumstance of your horse. So check with the local regulations on how to acquire the proper vaccinations.

When caring for your horses, ensuring they have good quality food is also a necessity. Horses feed on hay or pasture. Even though the hay or pasture will be consumed quickly, horses require good quality food to keep them healthy. Cheap food will not be any good for them in the long run. Having plenty of exercise is also important for them as well. Horses were made to move around all day; not to be kept standing still. Getting them out into their paddock will improve their circulation and will also keep their digestive system stimulated.

Keeping your horse in a paddock will give them opportunity to move around often. Something that is of special importance but often goes unnoticed is looking after their hooves. If your horse does not have healthy legs or hooves, chances are it won’t be able to do much. Because horses are made to stand up, it is imperative that those who own horses, keep their legs and hooves healthy. Search for a good horse farrier. There are several well known ones in Arizona. When looking for horse riding lessons scottsdale az, keep to the hoof-care schedule that the farrier gives you.
Filing their teeth is not something we always want to do. Nevertheless, it is imperative for the care and maintenance, especially given the fact that they always wear their teeth unevenly. Ask your vet to give your horses teeth a file. They know exactly what to look for when it comes to the horses mouth. They will be able to identify loose teeth or abscessed. As you practive these habits for you equine, you will find that they will stay healthier and live longer and be stronger.